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Policy on Trademark Brand “BROLAVIYA”

Registered TradeMark No: 3834425


Manufacturer ICEBERG MAKERS and its Brand Name (“BROLAVIYA”) have a reputation for providing high-quality products and services. BROLAVIYA trademark is important corporate assets. To preserve its reputation and protect its trademark, ICEBERG MAKERS diligently guards against any violation of its trademark. Without written permission from ICEBERG MAKERS, however, you should not use ICEBERG MAKERS’S trademark, service marks, or names in a manner that suggests affiliation or association with BROLAVIYA. ICEBERG MAKERS hasn’t assigned the rights to Sell /Retail its brand Products to Any other Seller/Agent.


BROLAVIYA maintains a large customer value as trademark, which take various forms and may include letters, words, logos, designs, images, colors and product packaging. Please refer to the “Trademark Policy” link at the bottom of any ICEBERGMAKERS.IN webpage for a listing of BROLAVIYA trademark. Please note, however, that this listing is not all-inclusive and the absence of any mark on this list does not mean that it is not a BROLAVIYA trademark.

Certain activities may constitute infringement or dilution of BROLAVIYA trademark, and are not permitted. Please review the following list of ways to avoid unauthorized use of BROLAVIYA trademark:

  • Do not use a BROLAVIYA trademark or name in a manner that is likely to cause confusion about the origin of any product, service, material, course, technology, program or other offerings.
  • Unless you have prior permission from ICEBERG MAKERS, do not use a BROLAVIYA trademark or name in a manner that is likely to give the impression or otherwise imply an affiliation or association between you, your products or services, and BROLAVIYA, or any of its products, services, programs, materials, or other offerings. We have not authorized to use BROLAVIYA trademark to Any Person, Firm, Company or Any Entity in any manner still today.
  • Do not use the BROLAVIYA corporate logo or any other BROLAVIYA logo in any materials without the written permission of ICEBERG MAKERS.
  • Do not use any BROLAVIYA trademark or name as or as part of a company, product, service, solution, technology, or program name.
  • Do not use a BROLAVIYA trademark or name in a manner that is likely to dilute, defame, disparage, or harm the reputation of BROLAVIYA.
  • Do not use any trademark, name, or designation that is confusingly similar to the BROLAVIYA name or any BROLAVIYA trademark.
  • Do not copy or imitate any BROLAVIYA trade dress, type style, logo, product packaging, or the look, design, or overall commercial impression of any BROLAVIYA website or other materials.
  • Do not register or use any domain name that incorporates any BROLAVIYA mark or name.
  • Do not register or seek to register a BROLAVIYA trademark or name, or any mark or name that is confusingly similar to a BROLAVIYA mark or name.


Unless you have prior written permission from BROLAVIYA, do not use the BROLAVIYA corporate logo to show or imply an affiliation with BROLAVIYA.

Permissible Use

As stated above, you should not use BROLAVIYA’s marks or names in any way that implies an association or affiliation with BROLAVIYA unless you have prior permission from BROLAVIYA. BROLAVIYA does not grant permission to third parties to use its marks and names in any case and will not in future too. In addition to complying with the other aspects of this Policy, and provided you have prior written permission from BROLAVIYA, any such permissible use of BROLAVIYA marks or names also must comply with the Guidelines and any license or usage require­ments for use of the specific mark or logo.

  • Do not alter, adapt, modify, animate, or morph any BROLAVIYA trademarks. Examples of what not to do include abbreviating or shortening a trademark (for example, BROLAVIYA to B), combining or hyphenating a trademark with another prefix or word (for example, BROLAVIYA-led), or using a slash mark with any trademark (for example, BROLAVIYA/XYZCo).
  • Do not use the BROLAVIYA name or BROLAVIYA trademarks next to your name or the name of your products or services.
  • Do not use the BROLAVIYA name or any BROLAVIYA trademark as part of a product, service, solution, or program name.
  • Do not combine any BROLAVIYA name or mark with any other letters, numbers, words, or any design or logo.
  • Do not use any BROLAVIYA name or trademark as the visual focal point of any materials.
  • The BROLAVIYA name or BROLAVIYA trademarks must not be more promi­nently displayed than your name or your product or service name.
  • The BROLAVIYA name or BROLAVIYA trademarks must be visually distin­guishable from your name and your product and service names.
  • All reference to BROLAVIYA or use of any BROLAVIYA mark or name must be truthful, accurate, and not misleading.
  • Do not use BROLAVIYA’s trademarks as nouns. BROLAVIYA’s trademarks must be used as adjectives with nouns that properly and accurately identify the BROLAVIYA product, service, program, material, or technology to which you are referencing.
  • Always use the proper spelling for BROLAVIYA’s trademarks.
  • Do not use a BROLAVIYA trademark in the plural or possessive form.
  • Plural example:

    Do not say: The BROLAVIYA Nexuses.

    Do say: The BROLAVIYA Nexus switches.

    Possessive example:

    Do not say: BROLAVIYA TelePresence’s unique look.

    Do say: The unique look of a BROLAVIYA TelePresence system.

    • Do not use BROLAVIYA’s marks or names in any way they were not intended to be used. BROLAVIYA’s marks should be used for the corresponding product or services for which they were originally intended.
    • Use the ® or ™ symbol in connection with any BROLAVIYA trademark and the following acknowledgement of BROLAVIYA’s ownership of its marks and/or logos:

    “[insert permissible mark] [is a/are] registered trademark[s] or trademark[s] of ICEBERG MAKERS and/or its affiliates in the India and certain other countries.”

Trademark Permission Requests

We do not accept any request of permission to use a BROLAVIYA trademark and will not authorize anyone to use it.

Additional Guidelines

You also must comply with ICEBERG MAKERS’S Copyright and Web Use Policies, which can be found at


This policy document is not intended to serve as legal advice. Should you have questions regarding your legal rights or duties, please consult your own attorney. Should you have further ques­tions regarding ICEBERG MAKERS’S policy for its trademark “BROLAVIYA”, please contact

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